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Speech to text

Speech-to-text software is a type of software that effectively takes audio content and transcribes it into written words in a word processor or other display destination. This type of speech recognition software is extremely valuable to anyone who needs to generate a lot of written content without a lot of manual typing..

IAT: (Implicit attitude test)

IAT has been used widely in academic and social researches to assess the prejudice or internal biases or stigma towards social causes

Proximity Marketing

proximity marketing involves targeting potential consumers with personalized adverts based on how near a consumer (or device) is to a specific location and enticing them to make a purchasing decision in the immediate future


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    Mobile Application

    Managing and monitoring the huge taskforce onthe ground.

    • The client has more than 300 promoters on the ground, promoting their brands. The clients wishes to first Identify by city which stores these promoters should be engaged; in order to get maximum Business impact. And secondly, Most important, they wants to have a full control and monitoring system in place which helps them track promoter's work and his interaction with the client. .
    • A mobile application which is being used by the promoters/ manpower while doing the consumer contacts. This app is connected to the client's sales data and picks outlets automatically. The app tracks the location of the promoters, sets-up geo-fence, record consumer conversation. The supervisors and managers gets notified whenever any SOP logic is violated by the promoter. They can listen to the consumer conversation done by each promoter and give feedback .
    • The productivity of the promoter has increased from 15-20% to 30% plus and business impact pre-post also got impacted positively by 10%. Apart from the activation, the unfiltered consumer voice has helped the brand managers to get real time feedback on their products and understand which consumer group is liking the product and why .
  • unity

    Mobile Marketing

    Mobile Marketing: Helping a new FMCG brand make inroad in the market.

    • An FMCG company wants to enter a new market and wants the retailer to advocate their product & drive awareness and trial simultaneously for the new launch product .
    • Mobile marketing campaign, based on unique codes for retailer and linked up consumer codes. First retailer has to register himself and post which he market the new brand to the consumers. Every consumer who enroll in the campaign both consumer and tagged retailer are gratified as per algorithm .
    • Over two months of campaign period, the brand has enrolled more than 25K consumers who have tried the newly launch brand & cost of trial is around 15-20/-; which is three times less than man-led trials. Within three months of the launch, the brand captured market share of 4%, which is a new benchmark in the industry .
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    Mobile application

    Mobile Application - for readily sales numbers availability to each member in the organization.

    • A company with more than 300 employees is looking for an application where employee can track his targets vs. achievements on real time basis & also able to identify quickly the areas which are legging behind. The app was also integrate their quarterly sales incentive program which works on both .

    • Mobile application, which is connected to the client's sales system. It tracks target vs. achievement for various category on real time basis; it also help individuals access performance of people or geographies under them. Compare the performance to last three months average and indicate the exceptions. The application has it's own chat service and social wall for the employees and a simulator which help calculate the profits target based on volume or vice versa.

    • The application is being used by the company CEO to the area manager almost on daily basis. The success of application has led to multiple new modules being added later on. Currently the application is getting extended to the distributor network and give them right visibility of the business they are doing..

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    Developed a game to communicate brand USP.

    • In the retail store, consumer don't time or active interest in knowing the brand story or USP. How do we engage consumer and communicate brand USP in memorable game.

    • We have developed a game which fist communicate the brand story in the gamified way and in level-2 he need to pick the 3 USP from a random list. The lifeline allow the consumer to remember where he went wrong and thus over the course of the game he remember the brand USP.

    • Engagement rate has improved by 1.5x since the promoter is asking the consumer to play a game while billing is happening etc. Brand USP retention was significantly improved and in-turn the brand adoption .

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    Implicit Association Test (IAT).

    • In traditional surveys, we always get overclaimed and positive responses which rarely reflect their true feeling about a brand .

    • We have developed an gamified version of Implicit Association Test (IAT) module which don't ask consumer about their brand preference or which image attributes they associate with brand/s. Rather consumer plays a game and through the response time, we assess the brand preference and image association for a set of brands.

    • While the traditional research revealed 80% plus top box for a set of brands. Through IAT, we were able to segment people based on their affinity with the brand. IAT were repeatedly able to discriminating and share brand strength score which was missing in traditional surveys.

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    Shortlisting a new brand name options for a kids brand .

    • getting insights from kids is really difficult and shortlisting brand name options through traditional research always gives very rationalised options.

    • we have developed a gamification module which is similar to the concept of Tinder, where the kids just do right swipe when they like the name and left swipe when they dislike. There are three levels of the game which helps the shortlisting and arrive at a winner name

    • The complete survey was 3-4 minutes longer and respondents thoroughly enjoys the game, which is quite opposite of any traditional survey. Kids without any burden took the survey and results were out almost instantly. The hierarchy was based on both the likes and response time & gave very clear way forward path for the brand team .

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